Supplies Checklist

Get what you can. God will take care of the rest. Be discrete. Do not draw attention to yourself and to what you have. Tell only people you trust, as needed.


How much supply do I need?

When buying supplies, don't forget to account for people outside of your immediate family, including friends, relatives, and neighbors who might come to you for help. That said, don't advertise to people that you have these supplies. For your consideration: When the time comes, ask for "something in return" for the supplies you provide. Not because you want to be paid back, but to help keep the morale and sense of dignity of the person asking from you. Also to make it easy for them to ask. "Can you help Joseph do the night patrol one of these days?"

There's so much to get! What if I don't get it all in time?

This is a long list of things you'll likely need. If you don't have much ready now, here are some "quick fixes" to get you started. These will help secure you while you build the rest of your supplies. Food: Survival Food Buckets Bug-Out Bag (Toiletries and outdoor equipment): Self-Defense: Get yourself a good knife and a baseball bat.


  • Canned goods
  • Dry foods (like pasta, instant ramen)
  • Grains (rice, oatmeal)
  • Powdered/dehydrated food
  • Water; also consider getting purification systems like Life Straw


  • Multivitamins to help you keep your strength and immunity.
  • If you're taking any medications, see if you can get extra refills. If your insurance won't cover the cost of the extra refills, check free medicine discount programs like GoodRx.
  • Have a first aid kit ready.


  • Nothing fancy, just your basic soap, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, body wipes, baby powder, etc.
  • If there are women in your life of child-bearing age, make sure you have pads and/or tampons.