Prepare: The Cold Winter

"Pray, My People, pray, pray, cold will come to a great part of the Earth, penetrating to the bone, and My children will suffer greatly as a result, not expecting it and not having the proper preparation to face the frost." - Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria on October 12, 2021


A cold winter is upon us, even in warm places.

Those who are not prepared will suffer tremendously. Here's a great compilation of "cold winter" prophecies from Countdown to the Kingdom: A Cold Warning

We live on the East Coast, so we're used to the cold.

Our houses for the most part are equipped to withstand the cold, compared to dwellings in warmer states. That said, we're still preparing as if all power will go out and no electric heating will be available, nor will there be any food deliveries and other conveniences.

Here are some of the things we suggest you acquire right away while there's still time:

  • The heavier the better. It doesn't have to be fancy.

    Go to Goodwill, TJ-Maxx, Target, etc. Also check on eBay, Walmart, and Costco.

    Naturally, if you live in warmer states, your local stores will likely not have heavy coats, so your best bet is likely online shopping.

  • Jeans, thermal underwear, sweaters, thick socks, hats, gloves, scarves, heavy boots (waterproof), masks. Shopping-wise, same as above.

  • Down comforters and/or sleeping bags. Wool blankets are also advisable if you can find them. TJ-Maxx and the like have relatively cheap ones ($60 range).

    1. Electric heaters are obviously great, so have them handy. In the event that there's no electricity, have some backup. This includes portable stoves (propane or butane), hand warmers, etc. Here are great reads to help you get started:

    2. The Provident Prepper
    3. Happy Preppers
  • Make sure you fix cracked windows, cracks in the wall, broken boilers, etc. A small crack can bring in a lot of the cold and suck out a lot of heat. Also, check if your insulation is good.

    The links above has sections on checking your home for drafts.

  • It goes without saying that you'll need food, water, and basic supplies (toiletries). Here's our list of recommended supplies.

    Do what you can. Do not panic buy, but do act with urgency.

    Get as much as you're able to afford.

    The Lord will take care of the rest.